Communication Examples

The communication

It is an activity that human beings consciously carry out in order to exchange information.

This process is carried out thanks to the human being’s own capacity.

Here interfere elements help the exchange of information, such as the  sender, receiver, message and channel.

Examples of Communication

Verbal communication.

    1. The dictation of a topic in a class.
  1. A telephone conversation.
  2. A legislative debate.
  3. A meeting of neighbors in the community.
  4. Radio advertising.
  5. Advertising of a product.
  6. A political statement.
  7. A job interview.
  8. A presentation of a work project.
  9. The narration of a story from a father to a son.
  10. A motivational conference in a company.
  11. Declarations of marriage vows.
  12. A news presentation.
  13. The thesis presentation by students.
  14. In sermon in a church.

Non-verbal communication

  1. A prescription
  2. A story.
  3. A poster.
  4. A report.
  5. A fax.
  6. A mail.
  7. A poster.
  8. Newspaper.
  9. A magazine.
  10. An informs.
  11. A fine.
  12. A novel.
  13. A poem.
  14. A bill.
  15. A credential.
  16. A shopping list in the store.
  17. A letter.
  18. An email.
  19. Most of the social networks.
  20. A work report.

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