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Common examples of anxiety

Anxiety  is a defense mechanism against certain situations. They are considered as the brain’s alarm system against circumstances that can be threats to a person. It should be noted that this condition occurs , to a greater or lesser degree, in all human beings .

It is not a simple condition ; it manifests itself in different ways. A person with anxiety not only experiences nervousness, they also suffer from psychological symptoms and physical symptoms. This time we want to share with you some common examples of anxiety.

Examples of Anxiety

Generalized anxiety disorder

It is the most common and widespread in society. It is known to affect tens of millions of people around the world. It is described as a continuous state of mental or physical tension and nervousness, either without a specific cause or without the ability to take a breather from anxiety.

In other words, when a person feels nervous, worried, anxious or stressed , physically or mentally and all this is altering their life, it is very possible that they have a generalized anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety

This type of anxiety is also known as social phobia, which is basically an irrational fear of social situations. A certain degree of social phobia is normal; Small degrees of shyness in public places or discomfort while speaking in front of other people comes naturally to most people and does not imply an anxiety problem.

This example of anxiety occurs when shyness is intense , and the idea of ​​socializing or speaking with the public, strangers, authority figures, or even friends, causes noticeable anxiety and fear.

Panic attacks

Panic disorder is a debilitating anxiety disorder that is very different from other examples of anxiety. It has nothing to do with worrying too much about losing your job or because a ferocious animal is about to attack you. That kind of panic is normal.

Panic disorder can occur when a person experiences severe feelings of doom that cause mental and physical problems that can be so severe that some people are hospitalized, concerned that something dangerously wrong is going to happen to their health.

Specific phobias

They generally provoke thoughts of disaster, such as believing the worst will happen or avoidance behaviors, that is, doing whatever it takes to avoid the phobia.

An example of a common phobia is arachnophobia or fear of spiders . While very few spiders are prone to biting and even fewer are dangerous, many people experience a feeling of severe dread, even at the thought of a spider.


This is an example of anxiety that is characterized by having a fear of going out in public, either the fear of open spaces or the fear of being in unfamiliar places.

Many people with agoraphobia never leave their home or do whatever it takes to avoid traveling anywhere other than their home or office.

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