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Common cancers

The  cancer today is considered one of the most dangerous diseases that exist and that the greater the number of people who have died from the disease compared to people who have come to overcome this problem. Also, it is one of the  exhausting diseases that both individually and in the family can cause separation and turns out to be a serious problem. There are different  types of cancer that, if not treated in time, could be fatal.

Common cancers

Lung cancer : Many people believe that this problem is due to cigarette consumption, but it is not the only one, there are many factors that can trigger this type of cancer. This condition is present when the cells of the respiratory tract begin to grow without any kind of control. Among the main symptoms we find: excessive coughing, breathing problems and pain in the chest area, are part of the most recurrent symptoms.

Breast Cancer:  One of the main factors of death in women over 45 years old, today this  cancer is one of the most deadly if it is not identified in time, while if it is identified as well as controlled, a tragedy. It appears as a direct attack on the mammary glands.

Skin cancer:  Due to solar radiation it has become one of the most dangerous skin diseases , unfortunately it is complex to identify this condition and it could lead to death. The spots on the skin in areas such as the face, neck and arms are the main symptoms of this dangerous disease.

Bone Cancer:  A cancer that is very difficult to identify in time, the reality is that it is a disease that goes directly to the bones and everything can begin with a simple pain in some part of the body.

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