Cleaning budgets

Cleaning budgets

If you are thinking of requesting a cleaning budget , you must take into account some previous points, so that you know exactly what you are requesting or what you are offering. It is important to note that a cleaning budget is a cost estimate that is made in order to calculate the amount, time and work to be done and that includes the total cost of the same.

The first thing you should know is:

    • The work can be calculated by work or by projects: when it comes to hourly work, budgets can be adjusted to the needs and much more flexible. This type of budget is generally used for communities or offices. When it comes to project work, the cost is usually a little higher due to the fact that they are specific jobs.
    • Price per cleaning hour: depending on the specific type of work to be carried out and the machinery or utensils to be used, it is the total cost of the budget. Each of these aspects are essential to the budget.
    • There are three determining factors when evaluating or calculating a budget, among them we have: the competition, which will determine your position or the position of the company in the market; the expenses in materials, travel costs and amortizations for materials and finally the cost of living, that is, the area where you are going to work or where you are going to budget directly influences said budget.
    • Determination and evaluation of the specific service to be provided, the hours to be worked per day, week or month and the area where it is intended to work.

After evaluating the previous steps, we must be able to calculate in a more effective way the budgets that are being requested or will be needed. However, in case there are still doubts, we leave you a guide to be able to do it:

The cost of living + competence + expenses + service provided per hour or per project + meters + special conditions + benefits

In this same vein, you should take into account that it should always be included in a budget:

  • The service that is offered in a detailed way
  • The frequency with which the activities will be carried out
  • Detailed prices of the services provided
  • Final price of the proposed budget offer

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