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Cinematographic Script Example

The script is the set of parliaments that contain the meticulous description of sequences and dialogues of what is going to be done in the scenes. That is, they are all those actions in words and deeds that the actors are going to perform in a movie.

Characteristics of the film script

It is necessary for the script writer to have knowledge of film-related topics, knowledge of visual effects and also have knowledge of costs to determine how much budget they can have financially to make a film.

Starting from the idea that the script is the written draft of a movie , we mention the following:

    • Script Scales
    • Synopsis
    • Argument
Cinematographic Script Example
  • Title of the work: “Practicing for the future”
  • characters: Arturo (10 years old) and the Coach
  • SETTING: Field to play baseball.
  • INTRODUCTION: Arturo with the bat in hand practicing. The coach appears throwing the balls. Next to them is the home team making adjustments for the end of the season.
  • Coach (yells): Come on Arturo! You can!
  • Arturo (with little vision due to the glare of the sun): Coach, let’s rest for a few minutes.

The coach making a movement with his hand gives him permission to leave the field to take Arturo sit down and observe the training of the local team.

  • Arturo: I would like to be as good as that team! I do not understand. I try hard and nothing works out for me!
  • Arturo: (looking sadly at the team). The coach goes to the field and calls him back to practice.
  • Coach: Arturo, you have to keep practicing, you haven’t been performing well lately.
  • Arturo: It’s not like that, I’ve been staying up late to improve the swing of the bat.
  • Coach: There is your tiredness! You are not getting adequate sleep. You must rest more!
  • Arturo: But if I rest that long, it will never be the same as the other team! (Pointing to the home team).
  • Coach (with a straight tone): It is the opposite, if your rest is not correct, you can never be like those players. It is necessary that you replenish the energies expended during the day.
  • Arturo (with tears in his eyes ): Don’t scold me, I believed that by not sleeping, I could take advantage of those minutes and advance in my training. I want to be as good as them!
  • Coach (with a thoughtful tone) : we always have to take care of our body. Just as we strive every day to improve, we must also give the body the necessary rest. You have to practice daily with a lot of dedication, discipline and above all, responsibility to guarantee being successful in life! Never, lose faith in yourself, that is the engine that will lead you to know success.
  • Arturo (wiping tears with a more cheerful tone): But hey coach, you’re good to training for today. Stop crying and sit down and watch the local team practice!
  • Arturo: Thanks for listening to me coach.

Arturo and the coach walk together towards the team. END .

The literary script and the technical script

  • Literary script

He is in charge of presenting a specific explanation of the area to be developed, the action scenes, the places and the times in a broad way, reflected in the writing of the novel , a maximum of 130 pages is recommended. The type of sound, actors and production that will be used in the film must be specified.

  • Technical Script

The Technical Script is the basis of the Literary Script , most directors do not require it. The Technical Script is used to give more extensive details, which are very necessary so that the director, sound engineers and those in charge of the image, can be guided towards the correct direction of the development of the film.

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