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Characters of the Mexican Revolution

What were the characters of the Mexican Revolution?

The Mexican Revolution was an event of great importance and significance for Mexicans. Its main objective was centered on the overthrow of the then president Porfirio Díaz , who had been ruling under a dictatorial system for more than thirty years. This movement began in 1910 and lasted approximately seven years, it turned into a conflict and became a civil war. There was a large number of individuals who faced this revolution, becoming, from the historical perspective, prominent figures for Mexico.

In this sense, the person who started and was in charge of the revolutionary movement in the first instance is known as the businessman and politician Francisco Ignacio Madero. This character had the courage to raise his voice and proclaim himself against the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz. In the same way, other names resounded that played key roles during this conflict. Among these are: Emiliano Zapata, Francisco Villa, Victoriano Huerta and Venustiano Carranza.

Likewise, Carranza is credited with creating the Mexican constitution of 1917, which is currently in force. In addition, it is said that the revolution culminated with the proclamation of the same and with this character to power. However, they are other events that marked the Mexican Revolution, as was the assassination of important figures presented for the movement. In the first place, 1919 Zapata, in 1920 Carranza, with Adolfo Huerta taking over as president; three years later they assassinated Villa and in 1928 Obregón.

Chronology of participation of some characters of the Mexican Revolution

Although many characters participated in the Mexican Revolution, the participation of the most prominent characters is presented chronologically below:

Porfirio Diaz

He was a prominent Mexican military man who assumed the presidency of the country in 1876 and presided over it for more than five terms. His dictatorship remained in place for more than thirty years, during this time it carried out various processes that contributed to the economic development of the country. However, the benefits of these processes were obtained by a minority. The workers, workers and peasants suffered the consequences of the system imposed by Porfirio. For this reason, it is this character who gives the reasons for the start of the Mexican Revolution in 1910.

Francisco Ignacio Madero

He is known for being the man who first raised his voice against the presidency of Porfirio Díaz . In 1910 he began his campaign to be elected as president under the Anti-reelectionist party. His objective and the reason for starting the movement focused on eliminating the possibility of re-election and granting the presidential mandate more than once.

However, his plan was thwarted by being arrested and exiled. However, Madero did not give up and from his exile he wrote one of the most important documents for the Mexican revolution. The San Luis plan invited the Mexican people to rebel against the Diaz regime. On November 20, 1910, Madero won the victory and was declared president of Mexico, he ruled until his assassination in 1913.

Victoriano Huerta

He is known for being the one who betrayed and contributed to the assassination of President Francisco Madero. He was a recognized soldier in the service of the Díaz government and later in the service of Madero. He was at the forefront of different confrontations, among them, he fought against Emiliano Zapata and Pascual Orozco, known as agrarian leaders of the Mexican revolution. This fight was in the name of Madero who had not reached an agreement regarding Zapata’s demands to distribute the Mexican lands. Huerta is also recognized for being the one who extinguished the hope of the Mexican people during the beginning of the revolution.

Emiliano Zapata

The most popular character of the entire Mexican revolution for his ideals of equality and equity for the peasant people. He supported the Plan of San Luis drawn up by Madero and fought tirelessly for the distribution of Mexican lands among peasants and farmers. His struggle and ideals led him to oppose the agrarian reform given by Madero.

Following this, Zapata formed an alliance with Francisco Villa and Venustiano Carranza to rise against Huerta and finally defeat him in 1913. In addition to these events, are known to Zapata as the founder and creator of the first agricultural credit agency throughout the country. He was assassinated under treason, ambushed, and shot in Morelos.

Francisco “Pancho” Villa

This character had a fundamental role at the beginning of the Mexican Revolution as he fought alongside Madero in the uprising against Porfirio Díaz. Before Madero’s death, he fled to the United States, as Huerta intended to assassinate him as well. In 1913, Francisco ‘Pancho’ Villa returned to Mexico and joined together with Zapata and Carranza to defeat Huerta. Similarly, he fought alongside Zapata after Carranza betrayed them. Villa and Zapata failed to defeat Carranza, so he managed to take over the presidency.

Venustiano Carranza

He was a military man and politician who fought alongside Francisco Ignacio Madero against Porfirio Díaz at the beginning of the revolution. With the death of Madero, Carranza wrote another of the movement’s most important documents, called “Plan de Guadalupe.” The objective of this text was to remove Huerta as president, since his government went against the constitutional order . Defeat Huerta and become president of Mexico with the help of Zapata and Villa. Carranza is credited with the promulgation of the 1917 Constitution and with this, the end of the Mexican Revolution.

Examples of other characters from the Mexican Revolution

Other characters who also had an important participation in this historical event for Mexico were:

  • Álvaro Obregón, fought alongside Madero and later alongside Carranza, with the death of the latter, he was elected president in 1920.
  • Pascual Orozco, contributed money for the uprising against Díaz supporting Madero.
  • The Sedan brothers are considered the first martyrs of the revolution. They were assassinated after being discovered in the conspiracy against Díaz.
  • José María Pino Suárez, supported Francisco Madero during the anti-reelectionist candidacy.

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