Characteristics of Volleyball


It is a sport that is practiced between two groups or teams, integrated each, for a total of six people on a court divided by a net.

This sport, created in 1895 by a physical education teacher, emerged as an alternative to basketball.

Volleyball Features

  1. To play, you must have a net placed vertically over the center of the court.
  2. The upper edge of the maya must be set at a height of 2.24 meters in the case of women, and 2.43 meters in the case of men.
  3. It is played on a field that measures 18 x 9 meters.
  4. The objective of the game is to send the ball over the net to the floor of the opposing team.
  5. Each team has a limited number of touches on the ball.
  6. Players must rotate position as they score points.
  7. The ball must only be hit with the hands, it must not be caught or thrown.
  8. While in defensive position, a blocker may touch the ball multiple times.
  9. The team can convert or score points when the ball touches the floor of the opposing team, when the opponent commits a foul or when the opposing team receives a penalty.
  10. The match is played to five sets.
  11. In the event that a team wins three sets in a row, it is considered the winner of the match.
  12. Each set is played to a total of 21 points.
  13. Each team has a total of 6 players, with 6 more players in reserve.
  14. A player cannot touch the ball twice, continuously.
  15. The team may commit a foul when one of its participants commits a foul determined by the game referee.
  16. When the ball touches the floor outside the court or is passed under the net, the ball is considered to be out.
  17. The game begins with a service , which is the serve made by one of the players from the back of the court where their team is located.
  18. The touch of the ball is made by hitting with the fingers or the palm of your hands.
  19. When the player of the opposing team receives the ball from the player who served, it is called reception.
  20. The players, in order to prevent the ball from remaining or falling into compromised areas of the court, perform an action called blocking.

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