Characteristics of Underdeveloped Countries


There is no exact definition that can explain the concept of underdevelopment for sure, however, we will do our best to explain this point in the best way.

The underdevelopment of a country is about its slow and not very progressive evolution , compared to other countries.

In some cases it can occur due to the lack of raw materials in its territory or lack of options, in other cases it is due to lack of knowledge and education that a country cannot go from being an underdeveloped to a developed one.

Generally, underdevelopment is related to lack , not only economic but also mental and cultural. It is the lack of intellectual development that does not allow progress towards the development of a nation.

Characteristics of underdeveloped countries

  1. There is a dependent regime with other countries, economically speaking: these types of countries trade with other countries, generally under unfavorable and unequal conditions. This means that the underdeveloped country cannot advance towards development.
  2. Its economy is based on the primary sector: these types of countries are in charge of exporting the raw material, but they import the finished product, that is, they sell the materials necessary for the production of essential goods to large countries and then those countries sell them the finished product at a much higher price.
  3. The mortality rate is high and considerably dangerous: due to the high crime rate, these countries tend to have a high mortality rate, not only in children, but also in youth and adults.
  4. There is overpopulation in the nation: the number of inhabitants of the nation is disproportionate to the distribution of its wealth. Most of these inhabitants are lower class and are located in the neighborhoods and suburbs of the city.
  5. The educational level is low and decadent: this generates ignorance in the population and a greater possibility of domination and submission; By not being instructed, no one will defend their rights or complain in case of being impaired or mistreated.
  6. Poverty: due to the aforementioned factors, poverty is one of the characteristics of development, the low quality of life, poor education and the incorrect distribution of the country’s wealth, generates poverty and with it another series of problems present in the society.
  7. Lack of democracy: in the absence of education, or deficient education, there will be no citizen who complains about their living conditions, that is when the corrupt and white-collar criminals take the opportunity to play with the ignorance of a people.
  8. The health system does not generate satisfaction in the demand of its population.
  9. The benefits and profits received by the nation are not distributed fairly and fairly.
  10. The participation and opinion of its inhabitants, in making important decisions , is not taken into account.

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