Characteristics of the Theater Script

Theatrical script

theatrical script is a guide made to be represented by actors and transmitted through the scenographic representation.

The theatrical script is the base where the staging takes place and has an introduction, development and end.

All the participants within the work (those who are behind it and in it) are directly or indirectly involved with it, so that everyone knows what to do at the corresponding time.

Characteristics of the Theater Script

  1. Its origins date back to ancient Egypt, before Christ.
  2. It is based on a story either real or fictional.
  3. It has a dialogue , which is nothing more than the expression of ideas and opinions within the work , between two or more people.
  4. In the script, the guidelines that will be developed in the work are reflected.
  5. They are made in the script, annotations .
  6. Annotations are relevant points that the author needs that the actor represents.
  7. Scenographic details are reflected in the script in the same way.
  8. You need people to be able to represent what is embodied.
  9. There are different scripts for each group that makes up the work, that is, there is a script for the director, for the technician, the stage crew, the wardrobe, etc.
  10. It has a title , which is that of the work.

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