Characteristics of the Scientific Text

Scientific texts

They display information combined with pure experimental sciences .

They study physical realities in order to find fundamental principles and laws that retain general validity.

In contrast to this, technical texts contain probable applications of the universal principles and laws established by the experimental sciences.

Mostly they tend to work with both types of texts , this is called scientific-technical text.

characteristic language of each specialty is used, in which specific terms are used or that have the ability to be translated into any language.

Characteristics of scientific texts

  1. The clarity is obtained through prayers well structured , orderly and without sobrentendido.
  2. Scientific texts mostly maintain a syntactic simplicity.
  3. The verifiability of the text statement can be verified by hypotheses or scientific laws.
  4. They must maintain the possibility that the facts discussed can be understood anywhere in the world.
  5. In some cases, the use of non-linguistic codes is carried out , such as formulas, geographic resources or symbols that can be combined with the text.
  6. From a morphological point of view it is pointed out that the use of the third person, the indicative and the timeless present is witnessed .
  7. Use of the first person plural as well as the plural of modesty .
  8. presents verbal periphrasis of obligation.
  9. From the syntactic there is a predominance of enunciative sentences , in the same interrogative way with didactic interest.
  10. Work with adjective structures .

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