Characteristics of the Savannah


It is characterized by having large extensions of land that mostly have the presence of plains and little vegetation. This is present in subtropical or tropical places .

It is an ecosystem that has little vegetation due to the fact that in this there are only 2 very radical stations in which, the first shows constant rainfall of water and in another it is called with a strong drought .

Life in the savannah is usually difficult, a clear example of this is reflected in the countries that have this ecosystem, since they are mostly developing countries.

Characteristics of the Savannah

  1. Climate: they exist in warm territories. where rains usually occur during the warmer seasons. But even so, there are long periods of severe droughts that in turn generate large fires.
  2. Geographical location: they are typical of the southern hemisphere of the planet. It occurs mainly in Africa, but also in most of the countries of South America, India and Australia.
  3. Soil: limits the growth of leafy flora, due to the arid soils with few nutrients.
  4. Fauna: the fauna is variable, due to the fact that there are different types of savanna . It has the presence of animals that have long limbs such as mammals with strong limbs and birds with long enough limbs to withstand long migrations.
  5. Landscape: Due to the notable lack of lush flora, its landscapes are more noticeable.
  6. Flora: the extensive drought that characterizes the savannah forces the flora to a radical adaptation process, causing the plants to have roots deep enough to feed on nutrients.
  7. Inter-tropical savannas: they are characteristics of the brittle, dry and scarcely fertile soil.
  8. Mountainous savannah: they are typical of high latitudes and alpine areas. They are very rainy due to their mountainous location.
  9. Mediterranean savannas: its territory is semi-arid, with poor soil.
  10. Temperate savannas: its is totally fertile and the climate is mostly humid.

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