Characteristics of the Mayan Culture

The mayans

The Mayan culture is known as one of the most developed for the time , and noted for being one of the most outstanding of the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican peoples, thus leaving an important legacy in fields such as architecture, art, astronomy, ecology and mathematics.

These in turn, during their existence maintained relationships with other civilizations such as the Mixtecs and the Olmecs . Its last traces were maintained until the post-classical period (900-1527 AD) due to the conquest of America.

Characteristics of the Mayan Culture

  1. The Mayan civilization arose in the Mesoamerican continent , expanding to what is currently called the Yucatan Peninsula, most of the territory of Guatemala and Belize, as well as western Honduras and El Salvador.
  2. Compared to the Aztecs , the Mayans did not form a central political system .
  3. Throughout their history they presented numerous political-military conflicts.
  4. They used obsidian swords, blowguns and a kind of long spears as weapons .
  5. For the hunts they used mostly the bow and arrow.
  6. The temples had a great value in the Mayan city , as well as the palaces where the rulers lived.
  7. They used the most advanced writing system in all of pre-Columbian America, which they used to write on murals, vessels, and stelae.
  8. The language used by the Mayans was diverse , however, most of the texts made by the Mayans in the classical period are in classical cholti.
  9. The Mayans founded a number system that relied on 20 , and added a sign to represent 0.
  10. The Mayan population was divided in principle between the ruling elite and the mass of commoners . However, the sustained emergence of the Maya helped complex economic and political classes to emerge.

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