Characteristics of the Jungle


It is known for being a large expanse of land made up of abundant vegetation and animals of various species.

The trees in this area are very tall and their biodiversity is of vital importance for the life of planet earth.

The jungle is particularly known for being humid, hot, and rainy . The humidity generates high temperatures and the rains are constant.

Characteristics of the Jungle

  1. It corresponds to 6% of the earth’s surface.
  2. It is the lung of the world. It generates approximately 40% of the planet’s oxygen .
  3. It contains the most important habitats on earth.
  4. They are located mainly between the tropic of Capricorn and Cancer.
  5. In South America  there is the largest and most important jungle on the planet
  6. The tropical jungle is characterized  by its hot and humid climate and constant rainfall.
  7. The temperate forest is characterized by having a humid oceanic climate and the rainfall that occurs is less continuous compared to the tropical forest.
  8. In it are two thirds of the planet’s biodiversity.
  9. It is estimated that there are still species that have not been discovered.
  10. They are considered  important natural refuges .
  11. The jungle can have around 700 different species of vegetation .
  12. It has an ecosystem divided into four layers:
  13. Emergent layer: made up of the crown of the highest trees in the jungle that receive sunlight.
  14. Canopy layer: it is the layer where the trees are interconnected through branches and parasitic plants. A large part of the jungle animals live in this space.
  15. Understory: it is below the canopy layer but not yet at ground level. They receive little light and in it are smaller plants. In this area the humidity is stronger and the leaves of small plants and trees are larger.
  16. Jungle floor: in this part, only 2% of the sunlight is received. It is the darkest and wettest area of ​​the jungle. In it, the decomposition process of both animals and plants and vegetables is generated.
  17. The tallest trees receive the most sunlight, but due to their small leaves in the canopy, light filters through them, barely reaching the ground.
  18. Due to the density of the vegetation on the ground, many of the animals prefer to walk or adapt to walking among the branches.
  19. The jungle soils are shallow, which makes it unsuitable for agriculture.
  20. Because of this shallow soil depth , the roots of the trees protrude from the surface of the earth.
  21. The flora in the jungle is varied and rich in alkaloids.
  22. There is a diversity of endemic and exotic species.
  23. Most of the medicines that we currently know come from the jungle.
  24. Currently the jungle extensions are being affected by the hand of man.

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