Characteristics of the Interview

The interview

It is exclusive for an exchange of information between two or more people.

The interview is based on a fixed purpose that may be for the evaluation , diagnosis or disclosure of the interviewee.

The essence of the interview is the work carried out by the person who carries out the execution of it to favor the topic of your interest .

In the journalistic interview , the purpose of this is to collect enough information to make the interviewee known.

Characteristics of the Interview

  1. The role of the interviewee is to direct the interview , and thus direct the effective but prudent exchange of information.
  2. It is important that the interviewee handles the issue, through a natural and spontaneous manipulation.
  3. You need a simple recording equipment on hand .
  4. The interviewer must have knowledge about the personal and professional life of the interviewee.
  5. The place of the interview must have sufficient lighting and comfort .
  6. When asking the questions it is important to check if they are open , so that the interviewee can answer fluently
  7. The technique of silence helps the interview to develop in a good way and also helps the interviewee break it with sudden sentences .
  8. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the questions so that both people clarify and convey their ideas.
  9. The language must be clear so that it is easily understood.
  10. The questions should be
  11. The interviewee cannot correct damages since the rhythm of the conversation can be lost.
  12. The open interview is that one in which the questions have a broad interpretation.
  13. The semi-open interviews mix open questions and others with concrete answers .
  14. The closed interview is usually known as a questionnaire, they are concrete questions.
  15. The interviewer must gain the trust of the interviewee and make him feel like a bubble , that is, protected by the confidence of the public’s present eye and the maneuvers of the media .

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