Characteristics of the Equilateral Triangle

Equilateral triangle

When we talk about the equilateral triangle, we refer to that geometric figure that has three sides and measures exactly the same.

It is a polygon  that is formed by three equal sides, as a result of this, it was given the term equilateral.

Characteristics of the Equilateral Triangle

  1. It is formed by  three equal sides , that is, flat and closed figures with the same measure.
  2. All equilateral triangles are also called isosceles triangles , but not all isosceles triangles are equilateral.
  3. Its angles are less than 90 degrees.
  4. It has several components:
  • Bisector is the axis of symmetry.
  • Median is the line that leaves the midpoint of one side, reaching the opposite vertex.
  • The segment bisector located in the middle of the triangle.
  • Height , which is considered the line that goes from the vertex to the opposite side.
  1. The result of the sum of its internal angles will always give 180 degrees, measuring each of its sides 60 degrees.
  2. The total of the sum of its exterior angles will always give 360 ​​degrees, with each exterior angle measuring 120 degrees.
  3. Its angles are congruent.
  4. The equilateral triangle can be divided into two right triangles perfectly congruent .
  5. The bisector of every equilateral triangle angle is coincident with the height relative to the opposite side of the angle.
  6. The meeting points of the equilateral triangle segments will always be at the same point.

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