Characteristics of the Company

The society

Man is characterized by being a social being , he is immersed in society from the moment he is born until he dies. As a species we are characterized by being social beings who live our lives in the company of others.

Within a large society there may be different groups with different subcultures associated with region, social class, and ethnic origins.

Society is called the set of people who have characteristics in common such as their history, their language, customs, myths, religion, science, economy, art, among others.

It is also called as a group of individuals in order to fulfill the purposes of life through mutual cooperation.

diversity of symbolic interactionists maintains that humanity does not exist in the world, due to the differences that exist worldwide.

Company characteristics

  1. Society is abstract because most people indicate that social relations are intangible and abstract and once we manage to execute it, we cannot touch or see them.
  2. The cooperation and conflict are international components in human life. Cooperation is essential for the organization of society.
  3. Society is defined by being a matter and not a product.
  4. There are terms where the material relics of past knowledge are largely part of society. In the same way, educational and immaterial achievements.
  5. The society is within a common geographic area .
  6. It must be recognizable as a unit that works everywhere.
  7. The people of a society constitute a demographic unit, that is, it can be considered as a population.
  8. The society must be able to be known as a separate social one.
  9. In modern or industrial society there is a centralization of governmental powers.
  10. the rural society has a tendency toward production, using labor.

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