Characteristics of the Birth Certificate

Birth certificate

The document issued with the essential data of a newborn is known as a birth certificate . The document gives proof that there is a new person in the world.

This document is delivered through the corresponding civil registry , since the necessary data is recorded there so that the person who has just been born legally has an identity .

Characteristics of the birth certificate

  1. The parents of the newborn must go to the civil registry with the birth certificate that they previously delivered to the medical center where the child was born.
  2. It is done on a single sheet with a stamp and letterhead of the corresponding registry.
  3. The original document is filed in the corresponding civil registry, for which the parents are given a certified copy.
  4. The document contains : date of birth, place of birth (including country, state and municipality) and time of birth.
  5. The personal data of the parents are specified in detail .
  6. In the birth certificate , the name of the newborn is reflected, including the surname of his parents.
  7. After verifying the data, the parents of the newborn proceed to record their signature , as proof of approval that the data in the act is correct.
  8. The birth certificate contains an identification number.
  9. In this document, the newborn is identified as a citizen and subject of rights and duties.
  10. There may be marginal annotations in the birth certificates , made by the registry, in the event that there is an error in the item and it has been amended.

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