Characteristics of solar energy

Solar energy

Solar energy is that produced through the star located in the center of the solar system.

This type of energy is produced by solar fission processes and reaches our planet through electromagnetic radiation.

Solar energy (a process of capturing the energy renewable and non – polluting) is received and distributed in order to obtain electrical energy of this inexhaustible source.

As a result of the industrial revolution, the pollution process on the planet has only grown, so many ideas have arisen in order to replace this polluting agent on the planet, with clean and renewable energy that guarantees a long life in the planet without affecting those who inhabit it.

Characteristics of solar energy

  1. It was created in order to supply the demand for energy in the world.
  2. Its purpose is to contribute to the life of the planet. Protect the environment .
  3. Its main source is the sun and it is estimated that its extinction will be in approximately 6.5 billion years.
  4. By investing in solar energy, you will automatically have free energy for a long time.
  5. It does not have thermodynamic cycles .
  6. It does not generate an adverse chemical reaction.
  7. It is profitable and its maintenance costs are very low.
  8. Its massive installation can contribute to the energy supply of an urban nucleus.
  9. The type of infrastructure you need is not very large.
  10. Its capture is through solar panels.

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