Characteristics of Social Networks

Social networks

They are an accumulation of digital platforms whose main objective is entertainment and social interaction among the diverse number of users.

Due to this freedom of interaction, companies or people who, due to their level of interaction, have managed to make communities and relationships grow more and more, taking their image to digital platforms.

The great appearance of social networks has caused a stir at an industrial level, because since they are not regulated in any way, it lends itself to misinformation, both for the appropriation of personal data and for other forms of privacy,

Social networks require a different point of view to citizenship education.

Characteristics of Social Networks

  1. Social networks influence people in such a way that they can invest work, leisure or socialization time in them.
  2. Social networks handle email addresses, photographs, telephone numbers, among others.
  3. One of the greatest attractions of social networks is its massiveness and high level of interaction.
  4. The existing connectivity in new technologies are used by social networks to be present in: tablets, computers, telephones, among others.
  5. It adapts to each user, sharing their tastes and user personality.

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