Characteristics of Science

The science

It is a set of information that encompasses knowledge , with an orderly and systematic method known as the scientific method .

The evolution of science is what has allowed man to know new things and get out of obscurity , in addition to finding explanations made by an unlimited number of observations regarding the environment that surrounds him and his being.

Its objective is to find answers and test various hypotheses , based on the proposed experimental model.

Mostly it tends to replace this model with new evidence, considered by different points of view.

Characteristics of science

  1. It is based on concrete facts .
  2. Discard facts, discover new ones, and explain them.
  3. It is specialized ; it comes from the consequence of the analytical approach .
  4. Clear and precise ; science labels precisely what common sense knows in a confusing way.
  5. Tends to tackle complex topics.
  6. Science is characterized by being expressible and public .
  7. It is empirical , hypothesis testing occurs through experience.
  8. Legal; science looks for laws of culture or science and applies them.
  9. It is open because it has no limits to discover new things.
  10. It is called predictive; Scientists aim to give an answer on how events occur.
  11. It is methodical, science tends to be planned , scientists know what they are looking for and how to find it.
  12. Its usefulness is because it seeks the truth and is a consequence of its objectivity.
  13. It is a system of ideas that are logically connected to each other .
  14. All scientific statements can be replaced or corrected .
  15. The particular facts are forming part of a scheme of general guidelines , adding importance to the result that arises from that generalization.
  16. Due to the high degree of complexity , it often tends to fall into specialization .
  17. Each new information is intertwined with what has already been discovered in a harmonious way.
  18. A lot of scientific evidence can be turned into a theory .
  19. scientific revolution is based on discoveries of new facts that can no longer be supported by theories regarding this topic.
  20. Science can be based on an error , because new teachings can come from this.

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