Characteristics of Psychology


It is the science that is dedicated to studying and analyzing the mental processes of the human being, including in this study, behavior, sensations and perceptions related to the physical and social environment.

Psychology studies the general environment of the human being and the importance of emotions and social influences.

Characteristics of Psychology

  1. Describe the behavior of the subject.
  2. Explain , study and find out the causes of the behavior of said behavior.
  3. Establishes variable hypotheses regarding the individual’s behavior.
  4. It goes so far as to affirm the continuing cause-effect relationship.
  5. Measure and give appropriate responses to the circumstances.
  6. There is a great variety of schools of psychology with different worldviews, which always deal with the same point: make a definition of man from their perspective.
  7. Each stream seeks to employ treatment strategies, due to its diverse and varied points of view.
  8. In the past it was believed that mental illness and behavior problems were due to organic pathological conditions; later came the psychoanalytic theory.
  9. The education of that time, dealt with these types of problems, with repressions of instinctual needs.
  10. Thanks to the studies carried out by Freud, it was possible to determine that hysteria in women was due to the sexual repressions of the time.
  11. The importance in both emotional and mental factors of mental pathologies, completely changed the way of being evaluated, detected and treated.
  12. The door was opened to the study of social psychology that encompassed the study of group processes and phenomena.
  13. The study of mental processes begins.
  14. The school of thought called phenomenology arises.
  15. Existentialism arises that determines that man first exists and then is projected through his existence.
  16. He believes that man is nothing more than what he makes of himself.
  17. Man chooses humanity by choosing himself.
  18. The Existential therapy is to seek the meaning of life.
  19. It is the analysis of mental processes.
  20. Study the relationship of man with himself and with his environment.

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