Characteristics of Obesity


It is an excessive accumulation of body fat . It is a condition of the body generated by overweight and poor diet.

Obesity is considered a disease, which has spread throughout the world, affecting not only adults, but also children and young people.

This modern disease , caused by poor eating habits, has grown over time, by leaps and bounds, becoming the fifth risk factor worldwide , when it comes to health.

Characteristics of obesity

  1. One of the fundamental characteristics of obesity is the excessive and unusual accumulation of body fat under the skin.
  2. Presence of mass, body volume and progressive increase in size.
  3. It is a disease that every human being can suffer, without exception.
  4. This link to the lifestyle of the person who suffers it.
  5. If the person is sedentary and does not perform physical activities continuously and in addition to this, they do not have good eating habits, it is likely that they are much more prone to suffer from this disease.
  6. Obesity is always accompanied by other conditions . Although we know that obesity is an alteration of the body, due to excess body fat, this will affect both externally and internally.
  7. Generally, the organs are always compromised by excess body fat.
  8. There is a very marked imbalance between caloric intake and caloric expenditure.
  9. An overweight person is generally a person with low self-esteem. Psychological studies have shown that low self-esteem influences a person’s weight, which is why a psychological approach is necessary.
  10. An overweight person may tend to isolate himself from society because of his condition and because he does not fit the social stereotype.

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