Characteristics of Mushrooms


They are organisms with eukaryotic nature that can be poly-cellular or unicellular.

They are present almost anywhere on the planet and act in a positive or negative way in the human organism.

Their reproduction can be sexual or asexual, and they are present in an exclusive division for each one, this division is specific to each biological kingdom.

Their reproduction is somatic, by mitosis and they are composed of very small nuclei and the Hindus, which have a nucleus for each cell and other non-coenocytic or septate. Here the nuclei are present in the cytoplasm and evenly distributed.

These last cells are reproductive and their nucleus is larger and they reproduce by means of meiosis.

Characteristics of the Mushrooms.

  1. They are organisms that do not have chlorophyll , their reproduction is through spores and sexual.
  2. It can be used as a yeast in beer, bread, wine production, and wine fermentation.
  3. When used for the first time as medicine, penicillin is created.
  4. Through certain modifications, artificial penicillins have the ability to kill and consume different bacteria.
  5. At present, mushrooms are named for their acceptable nourishment to the population.
  6. It feeds on an extensive amount of nutrients either by waste from other organisms.
  7. There are fungi that can be harmful to humans, among these are: ringworm, dandruff, candidiasis, athlete’s foot . These are fungus that damage and alter the body.
  8. The effects that fungi produce are usually contagious , because fungi lodge in living beings and feed on them.
  9. They are assidophilic organisms , this means that the PH is mostly 5.6.
  10. They can grow in different temperatures , they are usually between 0 ° to 55 °. And the fungi that are called opportunistic endure between 35 ° and 40 ° C.
  11. In people with low defenses, infections such as pulmonary candidiasis are created that usually have fatal effects when not treated.
  12. The spores are born in the sporocarp of the fungus , that is, the crown that leads its body structure. This reproduction can be sexual or asexual.
  13. They constitute a family with great diversity.
  14. The fungi kingdom encompasses up to a million species worldwide , several of which have not been analyzed at present.
  15. It has a high content of proteins and vitamins , as well as its complete lack of carbohydrates and lipids that make mushrooms the beneficial ingredient in our diet .

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