Characteristics of Mexican Culture

Mexican culture

Mexican culture is one of the richest and oldest in terms of tradition in Latin America , due to the variety of influences that cultures from abroad have contributed , from the Mayans to the imposing European presence.

Throughout their trajectory , Mexicans have struggled to define and elicit the identity of their territory. Consequently, Mexican literature and art have also gone through a very scandalous trajectory.

In the construction area, Mexican culture has left a lot to talk about, from the Mayans to the Aztecs, who up to what is known were one of the first cultures in Latin America to make carefully designed structures that undoubtedly left a imprint on the world, leaving their beliefs high.

Today many of these ancient traditions from these peoples continue to be maintained.

It was not until the following period of revolution that the characteristics of Mexican art were defined with their own characteristics, making known to the world its exuberant figures of art and universal literature.

Characteristics of Mexican culture

  1. Courtesy: it is important to know that courtesy in Mexico is essential, an example of this is the invitation to the home of a Mexican family, it is usual to bring flowers to the house and attend to the guest in a way that makes them feel like and well attended
  2. Day of the Dead : this holiday is held for two days a year, commemorating the memories and absence of deceased family and friends. The first of November is dedicated to the deceased children, while the second is dedicated to the other deceased relatives. The celebrations this day are quite happy and very crowded, full of food, music and photography of the deceased.
  3. New Year’s rituals : Mexican New Year’s rituals come from religious beliefs , while others are just mysterious. Its intention is to generate the awakening of days full of abundance and grace. Among these rituals we can get some such as:
  • Spread lentils around the door as a sign of abundance.
  • Putting coins in shoes is a sign of prosperity.
  • Sweeping from the inside to the outside of the house , symbolizes removing everything bad.
  • Turning on the lights in the evening before the end of the old year is a sign of success and prosperity.
  • Make a wish list for the new year and keep it on hand until the new year arrives.
  • Eat twelve grapes , which symbolize twelve wishes, the last twelve seconds of the year.
  • A glass of water is thrown outside the house to expel sorrows and evils.
  1. The food in Mexico is a very pleasant taste and a little spicy.
  2. Most of their dishes include corn tortilla, beans, chili peppers, avocado, and tomato.
  3. The music in Mexico is a combination of external influences. The most peculiar thing about this country is that it is not a single music style for the nation, it is a musical style for each region of the country.
  4. At weddings: it is the tradition of the couple’s godparents to deliver a rosary and a bible, as well as the priest gives thirteen gold coins to the groom so that he can deliver them to the bride, representing Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles. It is believed that this act is done in order for the groom to represent the care and faith that he will have towards his wife.
  5. The Christmas in Mexico is an era full of culture and customs deeply rooted in the Catholic religion. The songs and the masses for the birth of a child of God are always held in the town’s Catholic chapel.
  6. When it comes to rest , Mexicans know what to do and when to do it. Despite being a tradition that has been fading over time, due to the growth of the country, it can still be seen in some towns. The idea is to close shops and stores for a few hours in the afternoon and take a siesta.
  7. The predominant religion in the country is Catholic. Despite foreign influence, many remain rooted in the beliefs of the Catholic Church and the beliefs of their indigenous ancestors.
  8. The piñata in Mexican parties are an icon of the nation. Filled with confetti, sweets, papers, candies, fruits, this piñata, which is usually made of clay or paper, generally decorated in the shape of a donkey, is characteristic of every Mexican party.
  9. Embroidered cotton garments, clay pottery, colorful garments decorated on the outside with angular designs, are characteristic aspects of art in Mexico.
  10. Most of the inhabitants in Mexico speak Spanish. Only 6% of the population is indigenous speaking.
  11. Mexican culture is based mostly on Traditions inherited from generation to generation,
  12. Its culture and customs are mainly based on indigenous traditions.
  13. Easter is one of the most characteristic celebrations of the year. The procession and the Catholic population of Mexico gather to commemorate the death of the son of God. This week is very sacred for Mexicans.
  14. The celebration of 15 years in the young girls, are celebrated in style. It is a complete holiday in the family, the girl becomes a whole lady. On this date, toasts are made, mariachis are played, danced and a banquet is held in honor of the honoree.
  15. The mariachis cannot be absent. It is one of the peculiar characteristics of music in Mexico. UNESCO declared the mariachi as a musical genre Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  16. There is a ritual called the voladores ritual, which is commemorated as an indigenous religious ritual. It is said that this ritual is dedicated to the fertility of mother earth, so that her crops are prosperous and abundant.
  17. When a baby is born in Mexican lands , it is involved in beliefs and myths of the inhabitants. It is said that a newborn child should not leave his house, after 40 days and when he leaves he must go to church. When it is visited for the first time, a present must be given to everyone who visits it.

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