Characteristics of metals

The metals

They are chemical elements , which mostly tend to be solid, (with the exception of mercury), when kept at room temperature .

Three-quarters of the periodic table has been determined to be metals,  so it is easy to identify a nonmetal.

They are solid with a notoriously high melting point and some of them are transformed into thin sheets and thin tubes .

The metal representation is quite diversified, it is not something easy to define exactly.

Characteristics of metals

  1. They reflect light in a characteristic way.
  2. They have a high density .
  3. Most tend to come from minerals including the earth’s crust or sea water.
  4. Certain metals exhibit magnetism .
  5. They are good conductors of heat and electricity .
  6. They are usable in the field of medicine , like titanium, gold and stainless steel.
  7. It has the ability to resist repeated energies, flexibility and malleability .
  8. The noble metals are characterized by pure metals because they are not reactive and do not conform with other components to create other compounds.
  9. The noble metals contain: silver, palladium, platinum, gold and copper.
  10. Not all metals have reactivity.
  11. The alkali metals are highly reactive , exhibit a very low melting point and are soft enough to be cut with a blade.
  12. Potassium and sodium are alkali metals .
  13. The alkaline earth metals tend to be less reactive than the alkali metal, are more rigid, and have a fairly high melting point.
  14. Magnesium, calcium, and barium are alkaline earth metals .
  15. Sodium and potassium are the most reactive elements.

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