Characteristics of Leadership


Talking about leadership is talking about the ability of a person to influence the decisions of a group of people.

To refer to leadership is to speak indisputably of two essential aspects, which are the leader, who is the one who has the power to convince the masses and the followers , who are only those who follow or accompany the leader.

Leadership Characteristics

  1. Empathy: a fundamental characteristic of a good leader is the ability to empathize, socialize and put oneself in the shoes of the other. A leader who always shows concern for his supporters will be a leader who will never be alone. A good leader must be attentive and pay attention to his disciples, without ignoring their personal situation in order to generate empathy and obligation for the activities carried out.
  2. Security: a leader must have confidence in himself. Despite not believing that things will work out in the end, a good leader must always show the team that it can and will be achieved.
  3. Losing fear: every leader knows that in order to achieve what he set out to do, he must work on it and one of the ways to do it is by losing fear, fear of failure, fear of what they will say, fear of the unpredictable. That does not mean that you will not feel fear at any time, on the contrary, situations will arise in which you may want to leave everything behind and do something else, however, a good leader knows that this is the limit between those who are good and those who settle for everything.
  4. Wit: A good leader is always creative and innovative. Improvising and reinventing to be able to get ahead and overcome obstacles is typical of a leader.
  5. Goals: in order to be a good leader, you must have goals and challenges to meet and overcome. To achieve these goals or challenges, you must outline a series of objectives that will lead to their full fulfillment or successful completion.
  6. Optimism: transferring positive energy and good vibes to the masses, will fill them with confidence and energy to continue working on the same goal.
  7. Honesty: being clear and honest is one of the fundamental keys to a good leader, the people around you will trust you and have unfounded reasons to follow you.
  8. A leader must be someone who inspires his followers: a good leader inspires and helps his followers grow, motivates them and teaches them their virtues. Your vision of a better company or a better world will always be your motto and inspiration for others.
  9. Must have strategies: to exercise leadership, a leader knows how to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of his company or company. Visualize the goal, propose the project and the possible results and finally execute, to carry out what you are determined to do.
  10. It must be committed and responsible: to be a good leader you must have a strong commitment and make your followers feel the same passion as you. For that, you must have the qualities mentioned above, to be able to motivate and encourage your followers to feel the same degree of commitment so that they can achieve a certain goal.

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