Characteristics of Dolphins


Dolphins are mammalian species   that live underwater. Part of the group of cetaceans odontocetos , ie are marine animals that have teeth.

Being called aquatic mammals, they mean that they have pulmonary respiration and they do it when they are on the surface of the water.

Dolphin characteristic

  1. They are mammals , that is, they suckle their young through mammary glands.
  2. They can live in fresh water (river) or salt water (ocean).
  3. They are carnivorous animals .
  4. They are very sociable animals , so they can walk in groups of up to 12 members, in order to support each other in whatever they need.
  5. Through their blowhole located on the top of their head, these animals breathe in what they come to the surface.
  6. They are agile and fast animals in the water; Thanks to the fusiform shape of the body, they can swim fast long distances.
  7. Dolphins have a pair of fins located on the sides of their body and a rear fin with which they maintain direction.
  8. They are smooth-skinned animals and do not have any type of fur.
  9. They have an echolocation system that allows them to capture sound waves both to orient themselves and to locate their prey.
  10. They have a great brain capacity , that is, they are very intelligent animals.
  11. They are shallow divers. They can stay up to 15 min. underwater.
  12. They can swim up to 260 meters below the surface.
  13. There are currently 32 species of marine dolphins and 5 species of river dolphins.
  14. Dolphins are known to be warm-blooded animals, maintaining temperatures of up to 36 ° thanks to a thick layer of fat that is located under their skin.
  15. They have a skill and efficient way of communicating with each other.
  16. They can live anywhere on the planet, except for the Arctic.
  17. They are easy to adapt to all types of environment, although they prefer temperate zones since they have a better chance of getting food there.
  18. Its gestation period can last from 10 to 17 months, depending on the species.
  19. Dolphins only have a single calf per gestation . The exception to this rule is found in other smaller species, which can have a maximum of two offspring in a single birth.
  20. They are protectionist animals. Dolphins that walk in groups protect each other and take special care with pregnant females, taking care of them until they are born.

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