Characteristics of Development


To speak of development is to speak of growth, progress, evolution, transformation, change , among other things, of a person, being or object susceptible to change.

It is a process of evolutionary improvement that tends to growth from various points of view. Development can be classified from several fields, being economic, intellectual, biological, emotional, among others.

Development Characteristics

  1. It is an evolutionary process.
  2. It is prone to improvement and growth.
  3. The development can be personal, regarding a future or intellectual action, in the conversational field, that is, in the evolution of a subject matter.
  4. There are various types of development, among which we can find:
  • Economic: covers all economic aspects that can contribute to the development of a country such as agricultural, cultural, livestock, technological, commercial, among others. Its purpose is to sustain the economy and drive it to growth.
  • Personal: it is about the intellectual and mental growth of a person. We are talking about the acquisition of knowledge that drives the development and evolution of an individual.
  • Biological: it is the evolutionary or physical development of a species or person. In this aspect, both the evolutionary process in animals and the evolutionary process of a disease can be covered.
  • Technological: it is about the modernization of technology and its implementation in the human being’s day-to-day life. Through technological development, innumerable advances have been made in science, history and society in general.
  • Social: encompasses the growth of a group or mass of people. This type of development not only focuses on a specific objective, it encompasses a group of people through which the satisfaction of their basic needs is sought, optimizing and improving the quality of life.
  1. Its main purpose is growth and evolution.
  2. To achieve development, creative and innovative ability is needed .
  3. Development captures and identifies opportunities.
  4. It must work steadily and continuously.
  5. It must have an objective or goal.
  6. It must be executable and workable.

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