Characteristics of Democracy


It is a form of government that is encouraged and based on citizen participation.

It is considered one of the most fair and efficient forms of government , in terms of citizen participation.

The mechanisms used are based on the laws in order to make the participation of the inhabitants of the nation legal and effective.

Talking about democracy is talking about respect for laws, human rights, equal opportunities and freedom of expression.

Characteristics of Democracy

  1. There are periodic elections , where citizens directly or indirectly choose their rulers.
  2. The separation of powers is essential, since it allows compliance with the laws effectively and efficiently without distinction of color or economic position.
  3. Democracy is a model of citizen representation.
  4. There are political parties diverse that hold opinions and positions independent of the rest.
  5. Its essential values ​​are freedom and equality , since before the law everyone is equal.
  6. Through the secret ballotCitizen representation is exercised and free .
  7. Its fundamental legal basis is the constitution. It is a legal text where the main legal precepts of a nation are embodied.
  8. Guarantees the opportunity to organize and participate in economic, political and cultural life.
  9. Individual rights are as important as collective rights.
  10. The constitution is the basis of respect for the fundamental rights of citizens.
  11. The decisions  they make in a democracy are independent; This makes each decision made at the regional level autonomous and independent.
  12. Ensures compliance of basic and elementary human rights for all.
  13. It is based on values, ethical, social and moral.
  14. Citizens participate actively in the country’s political system.
  15. The democratic system has complementary tools, such as the referendum and plebiscites or citizen consultations.

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