Characteristics of Culture


It is a set of beliefs, techniques, traditions, knowledge, among others. These define very specifically the ideas and symbols that manage the pattern of human behavior.

The members of a society not only consolidate them, but also shape their behavior, consequently, due to the practices and customs that are usually habitual, they are transmitted from generation to generation thanks to the socialization process.

These social patterns choose culture to be adapted to each social environment.

Characteristics of culture

  1. It is the characterization of the values ​​of civilization.
  2. It has symbols and elements
  3. It is shared by a certain group that makes up society.
  4. As the human being grows , he learns the identifying elements and characteristics of culture. Man is not born learned in this aspect, he is formed as he grows.
  5. With the passage of time, society and the social group will adapt to the culture with new measures and forms. In many cases, culture tends to change.
  6. It must have traits and characteristics shared by a large group or masses. This is called universality.
  7. It serves as a guide for the operation of actions and ways of acting within a certain social group.
  8. It is considered as part of the social structure , since in it there are rules and customs that, when complying with them, make you fit into the social environment.
  9. It generally has strong ideas about the behavior of men and women.
  10. There are individualistic cultures , where the individual is given importance, and there are collectivist cultures , where the aim is to maintain well-being in society in general without going to the individual.

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