Characteristics of critical thinking

Critical thinking

It is known as the ability that a person can have to analyze and reflect on the facts objectively in order to issue an accurate and objective value judgment.

There are many definitions for this point, however, they all agree on the same thing, that in order to have critical thinking, a rational analysis of the situation that arises must be carried out, in order to emit critical thinking.

This type of thinking is not a virtue that is born with the individual. It is the result of good  habit , a style of thinking that is acquired through study and practice .

Being able to emit a critical thought can help in certain moment to the resolution of conflicts. In this sense, it helps to link the logical connections between ideas, values ​​and beliefs.

Critical thinking characteristics

  1. It is reflective: the person who emits critical thinking must be able to evaluate their environment and the situation in general, in order to take into account even the smallest detail, reflecting on it, studying it and analyzing it in depth.
  2. Rational and reasonable: a person with critical thinking does not base either on their emotions or on hasty conclusions, on the contrary, they collect the necessary data, analyze and conclude logically.
  3. It is investigative: critical thinking does not come out of nowhere.
  4. It is characterized by studying the subject and analyzing it , so most of this type of thinker has this almost innate quality.
  5. Independent Thinker: Analyze all facts and opinions you receive in order to determine which are true and which are not. These types of people are not manipulable.
  6. Impartiality: just listen to the opinions of others, evaluate the facts and draw your own conclusions. It is not carried away by prejudices.
  7. Creative Thinking – See solutions where no one else sees them. You can find novel solutions and generate your own answers.
  8. Decide consciously what you believe and what you do: before being carried away by what others say, they create their own path. They consciously reflect on the important aspects of life.
  9. The education of the person with critical thinking is based on the resolution of the conflict.
  10. It is based on autonomy, doubt and curiosity.

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