Characteristics of Communication

The communication

It is a dynamic model in which two or more people exchange information.

It is called active and reciprocal through an ordered system and a physical channel arranged for it.

Communication is essential for living beings since it allows them a certain margin where social interaction and organization act .

Currently in the population, communication has reached developed technological levels and artificial codes, which have overcome distances and times.

All living things communicate but they do not do so with a particular method, or with the same level of complexity. For example, linguistic communication is characteristic of human beings.

Communication Features

  1. It is direct or indirect , that is, the presence of an emitter and a receiver is necessary, located so that good communication can flow .
  2. It is a continuous process , so it has no end.
  3. The organizational communication is presented in a formal institution with hierarchy, individual tasks and objectives.
  4. The non-verbal communication involves all forms of expression that have no words, such as facial expressions, gestures, body language, among others.
  5. In the case of  written communication, it is linked to verbal communication, this includes words but written on a support.
  6. An effective communication is characterized as: clear, concise, finite, sequential and intelligible.
  7. It is carried out by means of a transmitter, receiver, message, channel and code.
  8. The mixed communication includes verbal and non-verbal, as in the comics .
  9. The communication in animals include chemical ways of communicating, via a sending and receiving substances.
  10. For a communication to take place a clear channel is needed . The code must be of mutual knowledge between both people, and the sender and receiver must take turns in said roles.

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