Characteristics of Chinese Culture

Chinese culture

The Republic of China , located in the Asian continent, is recognized for being one of the first countries with the greatest territorial extensibility and the most populated in the world , in addition to having a good recognition in the cultural area.

It is one of the main cradles of civilization , along with Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, the South American Andean region and Mesoamerica.

The origins of Chinese from human habitation dating back almost makes about 460 thousand years.

The belief is maintained by ancient Chinese legends that certain spiritual presences transmitted to humans the characteristics of that culture such as the god Cangje , he provided the Chinese characters, shennong taught agriculture and finally suiren revealed the uses of fire.

The most accentuated belief that this region has regarding religion is Buddhism , which came to China from ancient India.

Its main focus is meditation and personal salvation, which positively influenced the inhabitants of this region in a way that has lasted until today.

The evident trajectory that this region has traversed over the years includes with it the existence of an extensive number of  monarchists who ruled this region, from 200 BC until its change in the modern age, from being a republic to being a republic of communist court product of the civil war.

China occupies an important position with respect to Western culture because it is characterized as enigmatic and full of secret knowledge.

The migration of the Chinese inhabitants to all corners of the world has caused their traditions to become global traditions, such as gastronomy.

Characteristics of Chinese Culture

  1. In its origins is the writing based on ideograms.
  2. Their culture is considered in East Asia as the most important, still existing, in the world.
  3. The Romans and Greeks nicknamed this country “beings” or “the land where silk comes from.”
  4. The Chinese religion encompasses admiration ancestors, worship nature gods, including stars like the sun and moon.
  5. The big Wall is one of the oldest Chinese constructions. In order to serve as protection to the northern area of ​​the borders of the Chinese empire during the continuous dynasties that were protected from the attacks of Mongolia and Manchuria.
  6. In Mandarin Chinese dialect , this country is known as “zhongguo” which means “central state” or “middle continent”.
  7. Much of the Chinese religions focus on the idea that there is a spiritual world, such as Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism.
  8. They dine at a round table , implying that China as a country places great importance on courtesy.
  9. It is the cradle of papermaking, the compass, and calligraphy. Among others.
  10. The Chinese houses are designed according to the values common to share the space community and family.

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