Characteristics of Bulimia

The bulimia

It is called as an eating behavior disorder typical of people who eat food in an unhealthy way and with a compulsive attitude, then these actions cause feelings of guilt that lead them to get rid of digested food, using different terms.

This disorder is created due to social pressure that is increasingly focused on the superficial, due to this, this disease is more common in people more sensitive to acceptance by society, such as adolescents and women.

Characteristics of Bulimia

  1. The word bulimia in Greek words, bus (ox), lemon (hunger) so its meaning is hunger for ox, that is, uncontrolled hunger.
  2. The population that is usually the most vulnerable are adolescents who are subjected to social pressure.
  3. After expelling food , people are in a state of vigilance, which favors feeding rumination, causing frequent thoughts to recur.
  4. Bulimia is mostly accompanied by problems with self-esteem.
  5. Patients with this disorder are in a cycle of anguish and guilt that deteriorates their mental and physical health in a way that worsens.
  6. Hair loss due to nutritional deficiency.
  7. Decline of menstruation and vaginal complications.
  8. Treatment for this disorder is usually accompanied by antidepressants and anxiolytics.
  9. The cycle of bulimia and binge eating usually occurs in the patient at least 2 times a week.
  10. It is associated with conduct disorder , such as Bordelinde or certain borderline disorders of society.

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