Characteristics of Anorexia


It is a disease of a psychological nature , where the person who suffers from it suffers from weight loss and weakness.

This disease is considered as an eating behavior disorder , where the person to feel better and in accordance with the beauty standards of society, begins to lose weight disproportionately and accelerated.

This disease not only affects the person who suffers it physically, it also affects their psyche and with it their behavior and mood.

Characteristics of Anorexia

  1. Drastic weight loss and noticeable mood swings.
  2. Endocrine and menstrual problems occur , in the case of women.
  3. Concern about the amount of caloric intake you consume becomes visible and public .
  4. They avoid meals by engaging in other activities or sleeping.
  5. Anorexia is the product, among other things, of the low self – esteem of those who suffer from it.
  6. It can trigger conditions such as : anemia, intestinal motility, hair loss, brittle nails, low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, feeling of constant cold, abdominal pain, among others.
  7. Sexually , they become less active people with little desire.
  8. Constant denial of any disease and hunger.
  9. It is a disease that usually occurs between the ages of 14 and 18 , generally.
  10. Withdrawal and introversion . They are socially inactive people.

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