Characteristics of an Ad


An advertisement is a prototype of a broadcast message transmitted by various media, in order to reach a specific audience and thus make a specific product, service or topic known, generally with the idea of ​​selling it.

These advertisements are part of the contemporary media and communication , being present in all available media.

All advertisements operate from a rational, emotional and subjective level.

Characteristics of an Ad

  1. It is a form of mass communication aimed at delivering a message to a specific audience.
  2. The exposure of an advertisement is for a limited time, because, for its exposure, in whatever medium, you have to pay a certain amount of money.
  3. Through a sponsor , the ad seeks to offer goods and services.
  4. The announcement can be given in different ways: oral, audiovisual or written.
  5. Its presence is found in all types of media.
  6. The idea of ​​the ad is to mobilize a certain group of people towards the interest of the sponsor.
  7. It is responsible for reporting on a specific topic or product.
  8. Its purpose is to guide the user’s opinion towards the product or service that is offered.
  9. It is not directed at a specific person; its purpose is a determined and specific group, better known as a target audience.
  10. All advertisement is paid.
  11. An advertisement is broadcast so that the public really knows what they offer (or at least it is the idea).
  12. Generally they tend to magnify their positive aspects and minimally name or not name their negative aspects.
  13. Every advertisement is based on a single mode of communication; unidirectional , that is, the message is sent and there is no way to return the message, other than buying the product.
  14. An advertisement has several parts : text, short and striking phrase, reference image, slogans, music and contact information.
  15. Every advertisement contains a message that reaches both the conscious and the subconscious.

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