Characteristics of Advertising


It is one of the various forms of communication , which is carried out with the aim of transmitting certain types of information to a target audience.

This form of communication can be transmitted through various media, whether printed, digital, television, among others.

Advertising has its origins from years ago before the era of Christ, where sellers proclaimed the sale of products with their voice, later in ancient Egypt they began to capture on tablets the products they offered for sale.

Over time, advertising has progressed and spread to what we know today.

Advertising Features

  1. You need a sponsor ; All advertising needs someone who is interested in financing and making what is offered to the public.
  2. All advertising aims to persuade the audience you want to reach, praising its virtues and making it attractive and eye-catching.
  3. Report on a specific point or topic, giving details about the product or service.
  4. For a banner ad to be successful, it must be consistent and continuous.
  5. There are different types of advertising: audiovisual, oral or visual.
  6. All advertising must be unique and original to achieve its objective.
  7. An advertisement is aimed at a target audience ; not always the product or service that is offered is going to be useful for all the people.
  8. Advertising uses various means to reach the target audience.
  9. Various tools are used to reach both the conscious and the unconscious.
  10. All advertising is aimed at the acquisition of a product or the change of idea with respect to a specific point.

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