Characteristics of Adolescence


It is a stage that is part of human development that is situated after childhood and before adulthood.

It brings with it biological, psychological, sexual and social changes that lead the person to maturity.

In addition, the entry of the individual towards puberty is presented . This period is inserted in the youth stage, from 10 to 19, extending the youth stage to 24 years.

Characteristics of Adolescence

  1. In adolescence there are 2 different stages: the late and the early.
  2. The early adolescence, starts from 10 to 11 years to 14 or 15, in this period begin to reflect the first physical changes aimed at sexual maturity.
  3. The late adolescence , is extended from 14 or 15 years to 20 years old. This entails the appearance of emotional and psychic characteristics.
  4. The growth is notoriously accelerated, the bones grow at great speed for 3 or 4 years.
  5. They are completed the dentition , completing the denture with the second molars and molars of the trial.
  6. Thickening of the vocal cords usually in males, in conjunction with the jaw.
  7. It is considered a difficult stage, because it is accompanied by the formation of mature emotionality, which is often painful for some.
  8. It is considered a period that requires family care and support.
  9. Denominated as a stage of instability caused by social pressures, in short, a stage of vulnerability and risk .
  10. The system estimates that the use of technology in the adolescent generation can become a risk factor if it is not properly controlled.

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