Characteristics of a Radio Program

Radio show

A radio program allows people to learn about events of public interest over the airwaves .

Its main function is to educate, inform and entertain.

The text that is transmitted must be sound, and attractive to have the full attention of the listening public.

The main virtue that differentiates radio from other media is how immediate and instantaneous it usually is.

Radio Program Features

  1. Its function is to monitor and update the events that occur.
  2. The radio is fleeting.
  3. The listener’s imagination is capable of creating a different image in each person.
  4. Radio as a warm or human medium is related to the emotional, enabling the feeling of company, due to the participation of the broadcast.
  5. The radio messages are often born and die at the time of issuance.
  6. direct and close message with the listener is required , in order to generate an environment of fundamental complicity between the sender and the listener.
  7. Radio tends to be cheap.
  8. Its main disadvantage is the lack of visual media support.
  9. It is important that the information is concise, clear and with a well structured text.
  10. The callsign in a radio script in a short speech, either by the announcer or by a recording.
  11. You can include musical shorts to highlight the callsign.
  12. The intro is a short introduction that makes the announcer at the time of starting the program.
  13. The mask is similar to the tuning, but it tends to include fixed texts, credits or titles.
  14. One of the most important tasks of tuning is for the listener to immediately identify the program without hearing its name.
  15. The tuning is also called a musical cushion that is used at the beginning of the program.

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