Characteristics of a Project


A project is a planning that is carried out in order to meet or achieve a proposed goal.

There are different types of projects that adapt to the needs of the person. Macro projects can be carried out (covering large numbers of people, in companies, businesses, institutions, etc.) or personal or micro projects that cover small or large, one-person goals.

We can say then that a project brings together a set of ideas, information, proposals, execution plans, among others, in order to achieve a proposed goal.

Characteristics of a project

  1. A project has a certain complexity ; the size of its complexity is due to a certain degree of difficulty that every project contains, so coordination and planning is needed to carry it out.
  2. Every project must have a previous investigation .
  3. The analysis of possibilities to achieve an effective execution must have a prior investigation.
  4. For a project to be viable, its objective must be real and achievable , otherwise, carrying out a project based on an illusion or an unenforceable goal is a waste of time and effort.
  5. There must be coordination in the performance of their activities.
  6. For a project to be carried out efficiently, it must have clear guidelines.
  7. The resource is vital for an optimal result . All possible resources available are evaluated, analyzed and studied, they are not necessarily cheap, in order to have them on hand and be able to use them when needed.
  8. As the project progresses, it is essential to review and evaluate what has already been done up to that point.
  9. Every project has an expiration date. You cannot carry out a project for life; it should always have a start and end date.
  10. Each project has different results ; Due to its shape and origin, each one is adapted to a specific need.

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