Characteristics of a Poster

The poster

It is a printed physical medium where visual, typographic or textual content is expressed.

It is generally used for advertisements , artistic designs or a message that you want to convey to a specific group.

The presentation of the poster may vary depending on the message to be transmitted and its scope is limited to the physical space where it is located.

Characteristics of a poster

  1. It is usually a combination of image and text.
  2. Its main function is to   inform.
  3. It is an idea or proposal embodied in physical form in order to capture the attention of a group of people in particular.
  4. The text on a poster should be understandable and easy to read.
  5. The main idea that is captured in the poster should be placed at eye level.
  6. It must contain a  slogan .
  7. The message must be well structured in order to reach the specific audience.
  8. In a poster, the image is the main protagonist.
  9. Every poster must have a heading that is the title of the poster, this must be larger and more striking than the rest.
  10. It must also have a body , where the bulk of the information to be transmitted is condensed.
  11. And finally, the bottom or end of the poster where accessory details are added.
  12. The location of the poster influences the correct transmission of the information to be transmitted.
  13. The posters have or must have a unique and original design.
  14. Color reinforces the symbology and the message you want to convey.
  15. The colors used generally go hand in hand with the subject matter.
  16. The main attributes of what you want to make known must be highlighted in every poster .
  17. The constituent elements of a poster must be symmetrical and compelling in order to achieve what you want.
  18. All information on a poster must be dynamic and credible.
  19. It must have a specific objective.
  20. There are different types of posters ; they can be informative, advertising, commercial, among others.

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