Characteristics of a popular article

Disclosure article

It is a writing , generally short, where a specific topic is expressed in a brief and simple way (that is easy for all audiences to understand) .

The topics covered in a popular article are generally based on science and technology .

Articles related to science and technology are usually quite complicated to read and have very technical language , specialized for those who study the subject.

Therefore, the disclosure article opens a gap between knowledge that is closed and limited to a few and gives space to access to the information to all audiences.

Disclosure Article Features

  1. The audience for the article is varied. It is not a single group but a diversity.
  2. The identification of the public will allow the information to be delivered correctly and precisely.
  3. The author of the article, despite touching scientific and technological topics, is not necessarily a technician or scientist.
  4. Whoever makes the article, must search and investigate the subject in depth in order to have a sustainable basis in the information.
  5. They must have experiments that verify the veracity and compliance of the information.
  6. The information used for the writing of the article must be verifiable and verifiable.
  7. The language used must be understandable, as practical as possible in order not to inhibit access to all audiences.
  8. Many analogies and examples are used in order to ensure that the transmitted information is captured.
  9. All dissemination articles must be made in order to keep the population informed. So the articles must be current and useful.
  10. Items must be visually appealing.

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