Characteristics of a Monograph

The monograph

It is a document that collects available information regarding a specific topic.

Its extension varies, and it is generally  carried out by few authors according to the information collected from various media.

It is a specialized document only on the subject it is dealing with and its purpose is to serve as an investigation of the knowledge on said subject. In addition to adding new information or new points of view on it.

It presents a logical and determined structure in which it includes available information, it is organized and discussed without the opinion of the author being present.

Characteristics of a monograph

    1. It has accuracy, for the statement of the problem , the achievement of the data, conclusions and search for the truth.
  1. Verification ; according to the verification of various bibliographic sources , research process, method used.
  2. Novelty ; in the treatment of marginalized and unknown subjects .
  3. Impartiality; regardless of personal subjectivisms and considerations . Only the precise truth is taken into account .
  4. Clarity ; develops the stylistic profile .
  5. The necessary knowledge of the literature on the subject is chosen.
  6. The writing of a work plan or an outline is a starting point that serves to put ideas in order, and make sense of the information.
  7. Monograph papers must be stapled or bound in a plastic sleeve.
  8. It is important that the leaves are numbered ; the number must be located in the footer or centering.
  9. It is important that the margin is respected , superior (2cm), inferior (2cm), right (2cm), left (3cm).
  10. It is necessary that the text is illustrated with various diagrams , photographs or illustrated drawings related to the subject at hand.
  11. At the conclusion of a bibliographic work, it is important to cite the documents used .
  12. Suitability; This comes from the solvency of the worker .
  13. It allows to measure the ability to use information present in an academic library .
  14. There are 3 types of monographs: compilation, research and analysis .

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