Characteristics of a Desktop Computer


It is a computer designed to be placed in a space either in an office or at home. It is not a piece of equipment that can be transported as easily as laptops or notebook computers.

This type of computer allows the connection of accessories externally. When we refer to accessories we mention the screen, the keyboard, the mouse, the horns, among other things.

Characteristics of a desktop computer

  1. It is a desktop computer.
  2. It is a non-compact team.
  3. They are for home or office use.
  4. The warranties of this type of equipment usually last from 2 to 5 years generally.
  5. There are desktop computers called all-in-one, they are more compact, but they are still desktop.
  6. There are many models and brands of desktop computers.
  7. They are easy to update.
  8. You can add more accessories.
  9. Their memory is generally large. Everything always depends on the type of computer.
  10. They are less expensive than laptops.

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