Characteristics of a Cartoon


It is a literary genre whose beginning came from Greek, Egyptian and hieroglyphic images.

It is a booklet that is exclusive to a series of stories or notebooks.

Comics, also called comics , are intended to tell stories (mostly illusory or fictional) with the function of entertaining and some of the cases informing.

Basically, the comics lack an educational point of view, as they are designed to contain images and fragments of adventures whose main objective is to distract the person .

The comics have onomatopoeic words as well as lines (curved or straight) that serve as representation of the movements of the characters .

Characteristics of a comics.

  1. Comics are designed with pictures (called vignettes) and are placed sequentially.
  2. They present texts with interpretive words to guide the reader.
  3. The texts in general are closed in “balloons” or “sandwiches”.
  4. Before being elaborated, they are reflected on a script.
  5. They present the same structure as any narration or story: presentation, development, node and link.
  6. It contains a central content in which it develops throughout the story.
  7. narrator sets the story and gives it continuity.
  8. The drawings in the comics are of greater importance because they represent the facts that are appreciated by the author.
  9. Comics can be made of different genres such as: adventure, wars, science fiction, love, drama, comic, among others.
  10. Comics usually have different spaces such as:
  • Story or fictional space : in this space the place where the events are going to take place is described, this space can be symbolized by a realistic drawing full of details.
  • Page space: it is an unavoidable and redrawn space. It has great importance because it represents the sections of the story that is told in the comics.
  1. The cartoon harmonizes verbal language and iconic language.
  2. They have a mixed language made up of pictures and words.
  3. Most of the comics are composed of several pages that in turn compose in the plane a structure of in a temporal function that is related to the narration it contains.
  4. The cloud-shaped outline signifies the thoughts of the characters.
  5. The balloon in several tails indicates that the text is spoken by several characters.

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