Characteristics of a Brochure

User information

It is a short document , where very summary information is stored in order to publicize a product or service.

This type of document is presented in a maximum of two sheets, since the idea is to inform and capture the reader’s attention without boring them.

Its main purpose is to transmit specific information . For this, it must have a series of requirements and characteristics that we will mention below.

Features of the Prospectus

  1. The brochures are used for different purposes . There is no specific theme that it can or cannot be used with.
  2. They can come in flyers, diptychs, triptych , etc. This facilitates the amount of information you want to convey.
  3. For a brochure to be visually appealing , it must be colorful, with pictures, and well printed.
  4. The target audience for the brochure will determine the type of brochure to be produced.
  5. It should contain relevant, summarized and interesting information that captures the reader’s attention.
  6. The central theme must be well identified.
  7. It should have information that is easy to understand .
  8. The letter used in the brochure must be legible, adapted to the information provided and attractive.
  9. The sentences to be used must be short and precise.
  10. A brochure is  disseminated by various media , companies , schools, institutions, etc.

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