Cat Characteristics

The cat

The cat is an animal belonging to the group of felines . This animal has continued alongside man for centuries, occupying a predominant place even in ancient culture.

There is a great variety in cat breeds . It is currently the most kept pet at home, after the dog.

Next, we will give some basic characteristics of the cat.

Cat Characteristics

  1.  It has an approximate weight of 5kg. This weight varies according to the breed and sex of the animal.
  2.  Males tend to weigh more than females.
  3. They can measure approximately 80 cm.
  4. The cat’s eyes have ideal vision for hunting.
  5. They are usually isolated animals.
  6. They enjoy their independence.
  7. They have sharp, retractable claws.
  8. They have very sharp fangs.
  9. They have a long tail that helps them balance.
  10. They can live from 12 to 18 years.
  11. They are carnivorous animals.
  12. Its reproduction is viviparous.
  13. They have a gestation period between 64 and 65 days.
  14. His eyes are of varied colors.
  15. Cats are born into young. They can be from 1 to 10.
  16. They are considered mature when they are 5 to 6 months old, in the case of the female and in the case of the male, 6 to 7.
  17. They are animals with a high energy waste, so they tend to sleep very frequently.
  18. They have a liver that is quite sensitive to fat. Feeding them chocolates, among other things, can be lethal for these animals.
  19. Because they are animals that are cleaned and sanitized with their tongue, they can swallow a large amount of that fur and take it to the stomach and later it is regurgitated.
  20. They are animals capable of transmitting various types of diseases; among them we can find toxoplasmosis, rabies, VLF, FIV, among others.

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