Case Study Examples

A case study is defined as the tool used to carry out an investigation , this can be applied to any type of knowledge . The main objective of a case study is to facilitate the understanding and recognition of situations in order to be able to solve them satisfactorily.

The case studies have several characteristics among them are: descriptive, heuristic , inductive and particular.

5 Examples of Case Studies

  1. Teresa is an excellent student but her grades were not very good in the second period.
  • What happened to Teresa because her grades dropped?
  • What will be the reason for their poor performance?
  • Find people who can give information about Teresa.
  • The interpretation: Teresa feels bad emotionally because her mother is ill.
  1. Mr. Pedro suffered an accident while he was mowing the garden.
  • What would be the causes of the accident?
  • Was the tool not in optimal condition or was Mr. Pedro not feeling well at that time?
  • How bad was your injury?
  1. The drinking water in the Ayacucho area has a bad taste.
  • What is causing the bad taste of the water?
  • Does the tank need good maintenance?
  • Doesn’t the water have the treatment it needs for its consumption?
  • The interpretation: is that the tank that supplies the water for this area is in poor condition, it is not well covered, therefore the animals fall and die in the water.
  1. The inhabitants of San Juan de Colon are getting sick from the large number of flies that there are.
  • What is the reason for the reproduction of flies?
  • Lack of cleanliness, urban cleanliness or dead animals?
  • The interpretation: In San Juan de Colon the urban cleaning trucks are not working as they should be, for this reason the accumulation of garbage in the streets is the reason for the large number of flies.
  1. The power failure is causing chaos in various states.
  • What is causing the blackouts?
  • Could it be the lack of maintenance of the turbines?
  • Any problem with the transformers?
  1. The interpretation: the lack of maintenance and the drought of the dam that supplies electricity to these affected areas.

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