Benchmarking examples

Benchmarking is defined as a technique to compare products with respect to those that other companies have, it is also applied to services and ways of working so that it is possible to determine which are the most effective ways of working and thus adopt and improve the product itself that is offered even adding its own improvements. This concept also encompasses what it is to monitor competing companies or that are indirectly related so that an analysis of the services they offer can be made to identify the strengths and follow them, it is necessary to indicate that it is not about copying and it is precisely this misconception that leads many to think that it is a bad practice when in reality it is not.

Benchmarking is based on the references that a company may have from another to improve both in the products it offers and in its various areas, within the legal framework working methods and strategies can be adopted but always in a very own way without losing the style and at the same time recognizing the good work that others do, it is a learning process through which you can take the best things in others for your own benefit. It can be divided into three types which are the following:

  • Internal benchmarking: It is when within the same company one area takes the efficient practices of another as an example to improve.
  • Competitive benchmarking: In this case, it is when competing companies take effective actions from each other as an example, analyzing the movements that give the best results.
  • Generic benchmarking: Here it is the case that a company can analyze the actions of another that is not necessarily its competitor.

Benchamarking is defined as the process by which information is collected in order to obtain new ideas, benchmarking is the point where companies make an effort to compare some of their areas.

In any case, this concept requires constant monitoring and study to determine which practices are the most effective in other companies and which can be applied to one’s own in order to improve and develop new strategies based on others.

5 Benchmarking Examples

  1. If you have a hardware store and you want to implement home deliveries, you think about what would be the best way, the first thing you should think about is who offers an excellent delivery service.
  2. It is important to know which product you want to improve in the company, to be able to use a good benchmarking.
  3. You need to gather as much information as possible to proceed.
  4. Goals must be set and the time it takes to carry them out, the faster it is, the better results you will have. Future levels should always be proposed for greater satisfaction.
  5. The results should always be taken into account to know if the best strategy is being used.
  6. A restaurant that wants to improve the delivery time of orders by delivery, can analyze the effectiveness of drug delivery of a pharmaceutical company, determine the best practices and make improvements.
  7. A chain of cinemas wants to improve its customer service system so it analyzes the service provided by a telephone exchange.
  8. The sales area seeks to implement a better service to its customers so it looks for references from the collection area of ​​the same company.

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