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Definition of amoral

Amoral is a term that refers to that which lacks moral approval or acceptance by society . It is an adjective that is used to refer to what goes against the standards allowed by society. Amoral is a word that can also refer to lack or denial. Amoral  is an adjective that is applied to a person or a work of someone that goes against the moral behaviors that society dictates.

People are considered amoral when they act outside the standards, rules or norms established by a certain social group, be it school, student, work and even within the home itself. It is said that an act is amoral because it is not in accordance with the way of thinking or acting of others.

What are Amoral Acts?

The meaning of immoral and amoral is often confused , but the truth is that they differ on one point. A person who performs an immoral act means that such an act goes against morality. While an amoral action means that he has no morals, and he cannot deduce which of his acts were good, bad, right or wrong.

Difference between amoral and immoral

It is important to point out that an amoral action is totally different from an immoral action, which is why the meaning of each one must be studied in order to understand when one word or another should be used.

When we refer to an immoral action, it is an action that goes directly in opposition to morals and good manners. In this sense, an immoral action is contrary to all that is good and correct, that is, that which is permitted.

On the other hand, someone amoral is considered a person who lacks morals. In this sense, their actions cannot be judged as good or bad, fair or unfair. From the Taoist point of view , amorality is a defensible act or way of thinking since morality tends to confuse and corrupt people.

That is, you cannot perform good actions if you are not prepared for it and you are prohibited from performing negative actions even when such actions are essential to experience and know both the actions and the consequences that such actions carry.

From the point of view of the arts, the definition of amoral can be clearly expressed , since it expresses a specific approach, without passing judgment, that is, it is the way in which the artist’s perspective is reflected without the need for show if something is good or bad, it just shows itself as it is.

Now, when we speak of moral acts or moral actions, we refer to those acts that are allowed by established social standards, that is, morality is a term that refers to what is correct and what is not.

Examples of amoral

  1. A baby: His actions such as biting his mother, taking the bathroom, as well as other things, are amoral acts, but little by little his actions will change as he grows older.
  2. Animals: In this case their actions are not moral or immoral consequences, they do not have the way to reason and understand things, therefore, amoral beings can be achieved.
  3. Art:  Here it can be based on all fields and it is a way of being able to express any complaint, annoyance or desire that is directly based on an expression.
  4. Relationships: When you are with a person you consider a friend and behind your back you speak ill of him or her, without saying it up front, it is also considered an amoral act.
  5. Natural disasters: They are  not caused by humans directly. An earthquake or tsunami can be considered an amoral event.
  6. Actions : When you get something that is not yours and you keep it for yourself.
  7. Social relations:  If a person goes to a party or event with his colleagues, it is not considered an amoral act, however, if the person goes to the party instead of going to work or fulfilling a task already scheduled, it is considered an amoral act.
  8. Society: When you go in a van, bus or public transport and you take the place of people with disabilities or of legal age and it is not given to those who need it, it is considered an amoral act.
  9. Decisions: It occurs mostly in adolescents. When they act according to what a group determines even knowing that what they do is wrong or causes harm to someone else.
  10. When you see someone helpless and in need of help and instead of helping them, you turn your back on them. It is considered an amoral act, in case you have to help that person and simply do not want to do it.
  11. Examples of amoral acts at school
  12. When a child cries in class because he feels bad
  13. When the teacher is copying the blackboard and the elementary school boy turns to talk to a little friend.
  14. When the teacher sends the preschool children to sit down and they sit down but instantly get up again.
  15. When the child is playing and he wants to go to the bathroom, he runs to the bathroom and leaves without washing his hands.
  16. At the time of being in class and the child gets hungry and takes something to eat.

Examples of amoral acts in everyday life

  1. When the man wants to urinate in a public space and moves away to relieve himself.
  2. When issuing an opinion on a specific issue, some people do so without taking into account the opinion of others. They only do it because they have asked.
  3. When an older adult makes his need on himself, as a result of not being able to control his sphincters.
  4. When you are hungry to the point of eating something that they left on the table.
  5. When a person makes a comment without knowing if what he says is right or wrong.

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